Attend an LFS Educational Lunch Seminar

    Event Information

  • Event: Education Lunch Seminar
  • Topic: Retirement for planning & Retirees, Fee Based Management, Market Volatility, Investing conservatively for income in companies you know, & a Question/Answer Session.
  • Admission: Free
  • Dates: Seminars are held bi-weekly, please contact us for available dates and times to reserve your seat.
  • Additional information: Seminars are 1 hour long, pressure free events. No products are solicited. We aim to make seminars both interesting and educational, an opportunity to expand your knowledge and have your questions answered. Feel free to bring a guest.

Call today to reserve your space at our next event, 732-779-8554 .

Group Presentation: If your in a group or club, let us know if you have interest in a private presentation. This is one of many ways we get involved in our community.